P2P marketplace
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Peer-to-Peer or P2P is the exchange or sharing of information, data, or assets between parties without the involvement of a central authority.
Peer-to-peer exchanges allow individuals to move currencies from their accounts to the account of others without having to go through a financial institution.
In P2P users will be able to trade digital assets freely without the intervention of any third party. Users can place their buy and sell order. The transaction will be secured through an escrow account.
Once the buyer receives the digital asset, the escrow will release the payment to the seller.

Seller can place the order for selling the digital asset. Once the sell order is placed, the digital asset will be held in the escrow account. Once any buyer will show interest the seller will get a notification on his/her email. After receiving the notification, the buyer and the seller can communicate with each other over the email to finalize the deal.
Once the deal is finalized, the buyer will send the fiat/digital asset to the seller�s account which can be verified from the transaction ID. Once the seller confirms that he has received the agreed amount, the system will release the digital asset held in escrow to the buyers account.

The buyer can browse through all the sell orders and can show interest in any deal if he is interested to communicate further with the seller. If the buyer is not able to find any suitable sell order, he can create a buy order.
The sellers who will be interested in his buy order can show interest in it and the buyer will receive the notification over the email. Then the buyer and the seller can communicate further to finalize the deal.
Once the deal is finalised, the seller will have to held the digital asset in the escrow account. After that the buyer will send the payment to the seller. After confirmation the system will release the escrow amount to the buyer.
In case of a dispute - buyer or seller can raise a dispute to the admin.
There will be a fee of 0.25% on the transaction volume.